Collaborate For Good FAQ


What is Collaborate For Good?

Collaborate For Good is a charitable campaign launched by Pepper Place Design in 2017 bringing influencers together to benefit the charities and organizations nearest and dearest to them. The influencers design the artwork and choose the beneficiary charity and Pepper Place brings their creations to life. 100% of profits from the sale of these collaborative styles are donated to charity.

Where did this idea to collaborate for charity come from?

In Spring of 2017 my stepson’s 2nd grade class was challenged to come up with an idea to raise money for a water charity. His class had been learning about how not everyone around the world has access to clean water. He wanted to set up a lemonade stand (which we did). After we were done selling lemonade, I suggested that he draw out a design that we could print on a t-shirt which we could sell to donate more money to those in need. When we got home he sketched out the design which became the WATER IS LIFE TEE.

We know it says ALL profits go to charity, but that’s not what you really mean, right?

Yep, we mean it! We pay for our actual production costs, we pay a creative fee to the artist (or they choose to donate it to the charity) and then all of the remaining profit goes directly to the listed charity. All in all it’s approximately 50-60% of the retail price per piece.

Why do the Collaborate For Good items never go on sale?

Simple, if we discount the retail price then that means less money goes to the charity we are trying to help. Which just seems silly. Instead of scoring a great deal, know that each quality piece is giving back to an important cause.

I love the charities you chose! How can I learn more?

Every Collaborate For Good charity is listed, tagged and linked on the individual product pages. We hope that you take the time to go to their websites and learn more about the important work each group is doing in the community.

I love my shirt but I need a different size! Can I exchange it?

Of course! Our regular exchange/return policy applies to all Collaborate For Good merchandise.